What Would Bill Gates Say About Green Sunnyside Dog Kennels? When it comes to sustainability and dogs, these are the world’s two favorite topics. And the co-founder of Microsoft is well-known for his obsession to battle climate change with cleantech development initiatives through his philanthropic work.

Currently the fourth richest person globally, Bill gates has always been a torchbearer of climate change awareness and sustainability. In his words, “ More time and more energy are the two superpowers we wish we all had.” With a whopping 64 million tons of carbon dioxide equivalent emitted in the production of their food, cats, and dogs are responsible for at least a quarter of the greenhouse gas emissions resulting from animal agriculture. And this data only indicates their environmental impact at the food level.

With approximately 9,000 boarding kennels across the USA and Canada, the construction quality of dog kennels has a huge impact not just on environmental health but on dogs as well.

Climate change is happening fast, and there’s no two ways about it. And including humans, 470 million dogs across the world are responsible for it. Promoting green construction for dog kennels isn’t just beneficial for the environment but also for the welfare and unique sensory needs of dogs.

The construction industry, by itself, is a big consumer of natural resources. As our generation becomes more aware of its climactic contribution towards environmental health and the finite nature of the resources, the concept of sustainability in the construction of dog kennels is a must.

A well-tailored dog kennel incorporating green practices ensures the fitness of the environment and takes care of the social, sensory, physical, nutritional, occupational, and psychological aspects of the resident dogs.



    Excessive noise levels in dog houses and kennels are harmful to both the kennel workers and dogs. A 2007 National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health report revealed that kennel sound levels are strong enough to cause hearing loss among kennel workers and caretakers. Incorporating material such as sound-reducing panels and smart designs to dissipate the noise levels can help overcome this issue.


    A smart kennel design that ensures proper ventilation and airflow controls the carbon footprint and keeps the dogs healthy. It maintains the ammonia levels in the air (resulting from urination and excreta) to the minimum while reducing irritation and side effects among dogs (including watery eyes, nasal irritation).


    Cost is a significant consumer differentiator across every industry, with the construction field being no different. With most of the sustainable options coming at an appreciable cost, smart construction materials like cold-formed building systems provide a cost-effective option while being sustainable. This is an excellent alternative to timber and concrete due to its easy installation, lightness, high strength, and being fire-resistant. The best part- it meets the highest sustainability standards of all major green construction projects and rating programs with steel as its major component.

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