Cp Green Buildings LLC uses a collaborative approach Industrial Steel Building Design of Small to med -sized shops, Manufacturing facilities, Flex space for emerging businesses, storage units, contractor shops, vehicle and office spaces, processing plants or whatever you need to protect from Mother natures harsh conditions. Whether in Oregon, Washington, California, Nevada, Utah, Montana or Alaska we have designed and/or shipped shelters to protect people and goods from all the elements mother nature throws at us.
Industrial floorplans, both single story and two story, combining office space, storage space, manufacturing space or processing space Cp Green Buildings uses Cold Formed Steel which has been pre-engineered structurally to save the customer time and money on their project. Each steel structure is engineered for the specific site where it is to be located to what ever the physical loading for snow, wind, exposure and seismic conditions are.
Cp Green Buildings provides you the customer with structural engineering, architectural design and expertise in Pre-engineered Cold Formed Steel building Systems. We can often quote building kit prices in a matter of hours not days. Cp Green Buildings can produce site plans, custom floor plans, architectural drawings and structural engineering in a matter of days for non- custom and weeks for most custom jobs.
CP green Buildings designs and delivers to Oregon, Washington, California, Nevada, Utah, Montana and Alaska. Our quotes include freight to your jobsite, Foundation engineering and Structural engineering. In many cases CP Green Buildings can provide their customers with 1 stop shopping for all of their engineering needs and do so for less dollars and in a much shorter time line.
Cp Green Buildings are manufactured using sustainable design principles incorporating more than 25% recycled steel in our building framing, designed for dis-assembly and repurposing, Cradle to grave design considerations, hypo-allergenic materials, superior strength to weight ratio all in a simple bolt together building system. Not a single weld.
Cp Green Buildings in house design staff can custom design floor plans ranging from 200 sq ft to 10,000 sq ft. Anything in between. Using Cold Form Steel and our design software, we can design buildings down to the inch and not have to charge custom pricing.
Cp Green Buildings offers just about any roof pitch so the steel structure can fit right next to other structures and not look out of place. Since CP green buildings are clearspan all interior walls are non-load bearing. This makes for easy interior finishes that are very affordable.
Adding a second story to CP Green Buildings is very inexpensive and very easy to assemble. Adding a mezzanine or loft to our buildings adds minimal engineering costs while adding much more usable interior space.
CP Green Buildings allows customers to add on to the building structure with lean-to’s or punch outs for future expansion or a different space. Covered Porches are very easy to add and install on most of our designs. Gambrel, Monitor style , single sloped or our standard design.
Cp Green Buildings are designed for the DIY market using pre-punched columns and rafters to simply bolt the frames together. Our online videos showing each phase of construction allows our customers to read instructions, look at drawings and watch it being done on u-tube. If that isn’t enough we can even find contractors in your local area to do the work for you.