We are building design professionals who not only design structures but have experience in manufacturing and building.

We have developed, engineered and manufactured pre-engineered building systems for more than 30 years. Hot rolled Steel, Cold formed Steel, laminated wood, solid beam wood and even wood/steel combinations.

We know how much money customers save when incorporating a pre-engineered building system with their own dream design. The money saved on structural engineering, architectural design, manufacturing and even assembly of materials is realized by the reduction in time of engineering, the reduction in the time of manufacturing, the reduction in materials, as well as the reduction in the construction costs. The customer saves money on all of the above and the savings is compounded by the reduction in the amount of time taken from the beginning of construction to the time of occupancy.

Our Process

We prioritize our services around your needs.

We give you in essence a cafeteria plan of services complete with maximum prices so that you can select what you require to complete your project. Our design process also allows you to convert the architectural drawings to fit what ever material you decide to use for your final building assembly.